Quantum's CNG Tanks

Learn more about Quantum's Type IV CNG Tanks by clicking on the links below: 

CNG Tank Specifications 2014 (pdf)

Quantum's Q-Lite® Tank Families:

21 Inch Family (pdf)

21" x 60"

This super lightweight Q-Lite storage tank is ideal for strap-mounting to the bed of light-duty trucks.

21" x 75"

This tank was the birth of our frame-rail mounted fuel module enclosures for medium-duty truck applications. These tanks are available without the fuel system for back-of-cab or frame-rail installation.

21" x 80"

This tank is ideally used in strap-mounting to medium-duty trucks.

21" x 86"

This collar-mount tank is used in both back-of-cab and frame-rail mounted systems.

25 Inch Family (pdf)

25" x 40"

The smallest of the 25" diameter tanks. This tank was originally intended for heavy-duty trucks with the shortest frame-rail space. However, because of the space constraint experienced with most light-duty and medium-duty applications, they have also been installed pickups and vans.

25" x 60"

This Q-Lite tank is ideal for medium- and heavy-duty applications with modest frame-rail space. Typically these are used in refuse and day-cab operations.

25" x 80"

This Q-Lite tank is used in heavy-duty applications with both Q-RailLITE™ and Q-CabLITE™ fuel storage systems. Extend the range in any of your heavy-duty applications with the lightest and most cost-efficient storage in the industry.

25" x 90"

This Q-Lite tank fits with heavy-duty trucks with the longest frame-rails.




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